Planning Issues

Tavistock And Summerhill School, Summerhill Lane Lindfield

Proposed erection of 38 residential dwellings comprising 4 houses and 34 flats with associated internal access, surface-level car parking, landscaping with other infrastructure.

The Society is preparing a formal Representation to MSDC, objecting to the scale and design of this planning application. 

All objections need to be submitted by 1 March!

1 An array of blocks of flats is an alien, urban design concept that is entirely out of keeping with the rest of Lindfield’s built environment. The proposal therefore falls foul of both District and Village Plan policies that require respect for the character of an area.

The applicant’s “Design and Access Statement” makes much of how “less bad” this iteration is than their first attempt, but what has gone before is irrelevant. The current proposal must stand or fall on its own merits.

2 The bulk, scale and mass of three-storey blocks of flats situated on high ground will necessarily overlook surrounding houses, creating an overbearing effect and causing loss of privacy. The application is full of internal views, but none attempting to show a lack of impact on nearby neighbours.

3 The shameful absence of any affordable housing is in itself reason enough to reject the scheme. The applicant’s self-serving “Viability Report” offers only their arbitrary target of 20% minimum profit margin as justification. It is unclear how prices ranging from c. £300 – 800 K would do much for people in need of lower-cost housing.

This application is due to be heard at the Lindfield Parish Council meeting 7.30pm on Tuesday 19 February 2019 at the 
King Edward Hall Lindfield.        THIS IS A PUBLIC MEETING.