About the Lindfield Preservation Society

The Society is a registered charity and welcomes everyone who cares about Lindfield.

It came into being in 1961 after the people of the Village made a successful petition to stop developers being given permission to build five tower blocks of flats near All Saints Church, where a much modified development is now situated.

Membership brings the opportunity to add weight to calls to all local and national authorities to respect our Village, its way of life and its fabric.

Membership takes as much or as little effort as you can spare, or no effort at all! Armchair members are as welcome as those volunteers who only have a little time to offer.

The Society runs a series of talks throughout the year, normally at the King Edward Hall. Membership cards include details of the subjects and times, which are also published on our website. The talks are open to members and the general public alike with no fixed charge, although a donation to defray costs is welcome.

The Society plays a respected hands-on role in the local planning process. We make written representations to the Local Planning Authority and address Parish and District Planning Committees to press for decisions that respect our Village, its Community and its resources.

The Society considers all Local Planning Authority planning initiatives, in particular those handed down by Government to Regional Authorities, and where appropriate collaborates with the Parish Council to make representations.

The weekly consideration of Planning matters is handled by the Committee and involves either zero or minimal expenditure. However a strong membership base gives authority to the opinions and arguments the Society puts forward. Occasionally, for example when faced with a Planning Inquiry, the Society’s Management Committee decides to use some of its fighting fund and instructs a Consultant and/or a Planning Barrister to make representations on our behalf.

To paraphrase JFK, “ask not what your Village can do for you, but what you can do for your Village!”

Promoting and encouraging the preservation and sympathetic development of the village.