Forthcoming meetings 2017

All events are held at the King Edward Hall, Lindfield
Everyone is welcome

Admission is free to members and non-members, but a small donation at the door to defray costs would be welcome

Tuesday 14th February 2017       2:30 pm

“River Ouse – Source to Sea” by Geoffrey Mead

Rivers are fundamental to creating the shapes of our landscapes, even a relatively minor river such as the Ouse has given us the rich Sussex variety of landforms which characterise our county views.  This talk will look at the geology and geography of the river basin and how that influences social and economic history, agriculture and settlement patterns.


Tuesday 14th March 2017         2:30 pm

“Bonsai Trees” by Ken and Ann Norman

The meaning of Bonsai and the origins of Bonsai trees will be discussed.  The types of trees which can be Bonsaid, the method of potting, shaping, wiring and feeding, the seasons of a Bonsai and general care will be explained.


Wednesday 19th April 2017     8:00 pm

AGM followed by “Snippets from Sussex Archives” by Margaret Nicolle

Interesting and amusing anecdotes gathered over the years from various Sussex Archives.


Wednesday 6th September 2017      8:00 pm

“An Inspector Calls” by Nick Sadler

Strange things that have happened at Police talks and updates on previous cases.  Also Gatwick Airport’s amazing coincidence and a strange request at a WI meeting!


Wednesday 4th October 2017       8:00 pm

“History, Development and Management of the Weir Wood Local Nature Reserve” by Peter Erridge

The change in the surrounding countryside following the creation of the Weir Wood Reservoir in 1954 led to its designation as a Local Nature Reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  The talk will illustrate how the various habitats have been developed and maintained to encourage wildlife.  New species are found each year.


Tuesday 7th November 2017      2:30 pm

“The Millennium Seed Bank – the most bio-diverse place on Earth” by Keith Manger

Presentation on the work of the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place.