Taylor Wimpey: DM/16/5648 Representations

From our previous post you will know that Taylor Wimpey have lodged a new application that is for all intents and purposes the same as the one refused in July 2016.  The District Council is trying to push this through now that they have withdrawn their opposition to DM/16/1012.

Although this application is in all material ways the same as DM/16/1012, Mid Sussex District Council have made it clear that they cannot transfer over representations from one planning application into another and that objections and comments will have to be sent in all over again.  The Society will resubmit all our previous reasons and we will add to or strengthen them as we see fit.  Please do the same.

As the application is scheduled to be decided by a Planning Committee on 16th February 2017, it is important to submit objections, headed Taylor Wimpey, ref DM/16/5648, Land to the East of Gravelye Lane, Lindfield to arrive by 3rd February 2017. Please e-mail them directly to the case officer Steven.King@midsussex.gov.uk, or write to Steven King, Planning Office, Mid Sussex District Council, Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath RH16 1SS.

As before, it is important that objections are based on sound planning considerations. You may find some of the following points useful in formulating your comments.

Taylor Wimpey’s application displays many of the same features that were unacceptable in the Wates scheme. For example:

  • It violates Lindfield’s formally adopted Neighbourhood Plan, which expressly excludes development beyond the boundaries of the built-up area. It should be clear why this is so. Lindfield has already absorbed three major developments that are increasing our population by 20% and spilling 600 more cars onto our roads.
  • It violates the emerging Mid Sussex District Plan, which stipulates that this site would require allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • It would destroy a considerable expanse of countryside and wildlife habitat, for the sake of a large, exposed housing estate completely out of keeping with the character of Lindfield.
  • It is entirely unnecessary. There are already approved sites for more than 5,000 houses in Mid Sussex. Over the last ten years, developers have on average completed fewer than 500 per year.
  • In addition, a large part of the development would become a prominent and inappropriate urban backdrop to Lindfield Common. The Common and adjoining roads form a large part of the Lindfield Conversation Area. Damage to the character of this area has been successfully cited in the past as a reason for refusing permission to build on this site.

For further information, please contact the Lindfield Preservation Society on

482 538 or 483 367